The ATIS Hats (and friends) are in!

Thanks to ATIS, Antique Tractor Restorers become fashion leaders...

The much talked about, definitely updated, slightly belated, ATIS hats(and more) are here!

But Wait!

There's more!

Beleive it or not. Now ATIS will embroider _anything_. If you are willing to stick it under a computer controlled embroidering machine, we'll embroider it. O-:=

Email me at for more information on custom items. More pictures below.

Items in stock

  • Hats in all antique tractor colors (ie John Deere green with yellow thread, Farmall Red hats with silver thread, etc).
  • Hats in RealTree Camo(the real McCoy) with blaze orange thread
  • The ATIS Standard bearer hat: black corduroy with gold thread
  • Blue Point blue denim shirts.

    Some general notes:

  • Hats are plain style, low profile baseball caps, except the corduroy which has the rope along the bill/cap seam. Just about any style hat is available, but just not kept in stock.
  • About a week turnaround on non-stock items.
  • Unusual non-stock custom jobs may be slightly longer.
  • The hats vary slightly in attributes and quality. The tractor color hats are twill, while the RealTree hats are plain cotton. Some use plastic adjusting straps, others use cloth. If these issues are a concern contact me for specific info on the items you are interested in.
  • The shirts are very nice quality, as Blue Point makes a good shirt. It has the nice relaxed fit and feel. If that isn't your cup of tea, I can get just about any type of golf, polo and work shirt.
  • I have a large hat size and have been frustrated in the past by ill fitting hats. I have tried to make sure that every line or make of hat I get in fits folks of all hat sizes.
  • I can embroider and obtain just about anything through my new supplier. If you can dream of it, I can get it and embroider it.

    More pics...

    Close up of the shirt pocket embroidery
    Close up of representative adjusting straps
    Hats and shirts make a handsome combination
    Close up of the ATIS standard bearer cap: Black and Gold


    Hats are $18 a piece, $15 each if you order more than one. Shirts are $48 (I know that's steep but it's the best I can do). $42 if you don't mind the embroidery being above the pocket, instead of on the pocket. All prices include shipping!

    How to Order:

    Just simply email me your order, stating quantities, sizes (i the case of shirts) and any other relevant information you think of , and I will ship it out pronto. The invoice will be enclosed with the package. How's that for trust! I do reserve the right to require deposits on large orders.

    Contact me at to place an order or for more information on the ATIS hats, shirts and custom embroidery.

    We still have plenty of keychains for your tractors......

    Our handsome ATIS key chains and money clips make a great accessory for every antique tractor collector. Of course they make great gifts! They are made of solid steel with an exceptionally handsome bronze finish and finely embossed detail. They measure (excluding the ring) 2" x 1-3/8" and are very hefty with that high quality feel. I guarantee you will be happy or your money back.

    Prices(shipping is included!)

    $7 each, $5 for any two and $4 for any 3 or more key chains or money clips.

    These are sent first class mail and are shipped with 24 hours after receipt of your e-mail ordering them: No need to prepay! (deposits may be required on orders of 10 or more). You simply return your payment in the handy return mail envelope included with the order when you receive it.

    Risk free, inexpensive and high quality: ATIS delivers!

    Simply e-mail us with the quantity of each accessory, and your shipping address. That's all there is to it!

    Please visit again soon to see the producst we will be adding.
    We are currently


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