So...Just what is A.T.I.S.?

ATIS is a community of friends; friends that enjoy each other's company and help each other during the trials and tribulations of restoring and preserving these old tractors. More importantly, our goal is create true friendships that extend past the internet. Friendships that are supported and maintained by face to face contact at antique tractor shows and are built through mutual service to each other. In other words: We want to create something real: None of this virtual stuff. Within this site and through our mailing lists you will find just this type of attitude that is an affirmation of the viritues and decency of rural America.

Specifics about the site:

  • The Largest, oldest and the original Antique Tractor web site on the planet, bar none.(since 1993, which makes us pioneers in every sense of the word)
  • Content oriented: No flash, fluff, or "promotional screaming".
  • Owned by Antique Tractor professionals who are also Information and Network professionals.
  • The only site with mailing lists
  • The only site that is running on servers dedicated solely to the site.
  • The only site doing it own DNS, IP and network administeration
  • The first site on the planet with antique tractor classifieds ads.
  • Only Antique Tractor site reviewed by PC magazine (December 1995 issue)

    ATIS...... Plow the net with the best!

    ATIS is a full service internet service firm dedicated to fullfilling and serving the communication, research and fellowship needs of the antique tractor community. To underwrite the delivery of these free services, we hope that you, the antique tractor collector, user, restorer and businessperson will consider us for you Internet and network needs. We specialize in providing every kind of Internet service, from web page hosting, domain registration and addressing assistance, web page authoring and consulting and everything in between. We are also committed to providing to the antique tractor industry the infrastructure necessary for collectors, enthusiasts and businesspersons to freely communicate, exchange ideas, and perform research. There are several services that over one thousand people regulary particpate in that are of no cost to the users. I encourage you to take advantage of them.

    ATIS has a long and rich history. It grew out of a nonprofit organization started 1993 that was dedicated to providing a medium of communication for antique tractor enthusiasts and professionals. ATIS still provides these services for free and to this day continues to support and improve upon them. ATIS made the switch from non-profit to private business for several reasons. First, ATIS became very large and successful. As the non-profit organization grew, the need for the financial resources to purchase, maintain and upgrade computers and related equipment and network access became evident. In addition, there was a void of internet service firms in the market assisting antique tractor related companies. ATIS decided that instead of charging a membership fee to users to finance operations, it would be best to provide web services to companies related to the antique tractor industry and use the revenue from these operations to support the other free services the antique tractor community became accustomed to.

    From this rose ATIS: The oldest, most complete and largest internet site for antique tractors on the planet!

    For a listing of the services we provide, please see our Guide to services. or contact us at

    Who is this for?

    Anyone who wants to help make and maintain an internet community of old tractor lovers, restorers, parts suppliers, users, and just plain interested persons. Regardless of your experience with old tractors, ownership status, and knowledge; all are welcome. Some of us learn, some teach, and in the long run we all do both. Don't be shy, sign up!

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    What is an Antique Tractor Forum?

    Antique Tractor Internet Services (or A.T.I.S. for short) is a collection of Internet services hosted by and managed by, me, Spencer Yost.
    These services are: A.T.I.S. services are utilized by, contributed to, and made up of a very diverse group of people, representing interests in any and all makes of antique farm equipment, especially tractors. We also represent many geographic areas, as contributers come from around the world.

    Sounds great! How do I sign up?

    The easiest way is to use the subscription services page (Click here) and follow the directions.

    You can also send an E-mail message to with the following one word message(no headers, trailers, signatures, extra spaces before the words and etc):


    An informative welcome message will follow almost immediately that is a definite "print-n-save" item: I hope you will feel free to contact me in the future if you have any questions or concerns. My email address is contained in the signature sections at the end of this message.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you are ready to correspond, messages must be sent to:

    If you are new to the Internet listserv scene, please take some time to look at the "Top 20 Netiquette Rules" by clicking here.

    After you are a subscriber of the mailing list, this service will send one large message, once a day, of all postings for the previous 24 hours. This is designed for those that don't want, or can't handle the volume of E-mail generated by the list.

    The easiest way is, also, to use the subscription services page (Click here) and follow the directions.

    You can also send an E-mail message to with the following two word message(no headers, trailers, signatures, extra spaces before the words and etc):


    PLEASE NOTE: You will still correspond by sending messages to:

    Through this Web site, you can search the archives of the Antique Tractor Forum for information or answers to your questions. To access the search page, (Click here)

    Who is the manager?

    This list server is a NON-MODERATED list but I, Spencer Yost, (see signature below), will manage it. I will do my utmost to keep it running and will not edit nor censure (translation: "remove from list") a user for any reason.

    User profiles

    By the way, we like to keep a profile on our members in order to keep an inventory of tractors, skills and what not available on the list, and would like for you to participate when you join the list. You can create or update your profile from this Web site. (Click here)

    This profile is strictly voluntary and strictly confidential to the group, you and the profile volunteer(you can specify differently if you want junk mail). The profile volunteer is Jim Poole at jpoole@INFOAVE.NET. Please contact him directly for more information and a copy of the profile.

    The fine print

    Any information you may receive related to this web site is provided merely as friendly suggestions, not as expert opinion, testimony or advice. Neither SpyderByte Communications (my ISP) nor myself endorses or sponsers any information, products or methodologies you may find herein. SyderByte Communications, myself, subscribers nor contributors can not be held liable for any use of the information you might recieve.

    Most importantly, please remember that any heavy equipment, and antique heavy equipment in particular, is dangerous to use, repair and restore. Please be sure of your own safety before commencing any use, restoration, or repairs of your equipment.

    A word of thanks from the manager

    Thanks for subscribing and I hope that this relationship is profitable for ALL parties involved.

    Spencer William Yost
    Manager, ATIS .

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